01 Jul 2019

We are so excited about launching our Everyday Café Mixed Sandwich Platters into the market! Read on for more information!

We couldn’t be more proud of seeing this product hit the market. 

With many hours of new product development dedicated to ensuring the best quality and flavours, it is always an exciting moment for the team to see their hard work go live into the market.
With 3 platters in each carton and a total of 72 sandwich fingers, your consumers will love the variety!

The platter includes the following exciting flavours;
1. Smoked Ham and Tasty Cheddar on White Bread

2. Chicken Basil Pesto on Light Rye 

3. Roast Beef with Mustard Creamed Cheese and Caramelised Onion on Light Rye

4. Chicken and Bacon with Herbed Mayonnaise on Dark Rye

5. Vintage Cheddar with Ploughman’s Chutney in Dark Rye (Vegetarian)

6. Ham, Cheese and Spiced Apple Chutney on Light Rye

Now available -give us a call to find out more 1300 722 748