The Handmade Food Co is an Australian, family owned leading food manufacturer!

The handmade Food Co are a team of passionate foodies.

We pride ourselves on using the best and freshest local ingredients to make great hand crafted food.

We hope you love our sandwiches as much as we do!

Who We Are

The Handmade Food Co. is an Australian family owned sandwich company. 

From Aussie classics like the Ham and Cheese Toastie to on trend flavours like Roast Chicken & Sriracha Bacon Ciabatta, we offer many different products catering to the Australian market. We continue to research and travel to find new ideas, inspiration and knowledge to bring inspired food to Australia.

We service nationally through a large distribution network by using a natural freezing process to create a product that can travel 4000km and still look and taste great.

The benefits of using our products:

  • Availability to all sites nationally
  • National consistency across all sites in product, packaging and price
  • Minimal wastage & less chance of out of stocks due to back up stock in the freezer
  • Cleaner labels and nutritional declaration
  • Premium quality ingredients and ability to source directly from producer where possible
  • New product development team expertise

History of The Handmade Food Co.

Whilst doing the time-honoured tradition of the overseas working holiday we fell in love with the availability of great sandwiches which made up our staple for breakfast, lunch and let’s face it sometimes dinner. When we returned to Australia we set up a boutique sandwich business and from (very) humble beginnings The Handmade Food Co. as it is now known today was born.

Over the last 14 years we have worked closely with our amazing clients to provide a solution with a view to first class customer service.  Formally known as Lunchbox Solutions we have expanded over the years into a National sandwich provider throughout the Foodservice and Convenience channels.

We have continued to build our business with an amazing team of passionate foodies (many of whom have been there since the beginning) and also well-respected industry experts.  We are dedicated to bringing you an innovative, flavoursome and quality product every time- no exceptions!

We are called The Handmade Food Co. because we make our sandwiches the old fashion way – fresh bread and ingredients are delivered in the morning and handmade for you the same day.

We love being part of our local community and support many of our local charities including the terrific team at Food Bank who help us bring lunches to underprivileged Australian school children who too often go without.

The Handmade Food Co. is very proud to be a 100% Australian Family Owned. We are passionate about buying local and supporting our local farmers and manufacturers wherever possible because let’s face it, supporting Australian farmers is good for all of us!

Our team at The Handmade Food Co. continue to travel the world finding new recipes, inspiration and knowledge to bring inspired food to Australia.

We love making great food that we hope you will enjoy!