03 Feb 2021

Introducing TWO new exciting flavours in our premium sandwich range. Beef with Caramelised Onion and Harissa Vegetable and Hommus (perfect for vegans), these flavours are sure to please customers on the go!

We are so excited to see these two flavours hit the market.  Beef and Caramelised Onion on our delicious dark rye was the perfect choice to compliment the rest of our sandwich range.  Our classic Beef, Cheese and Relish is an absolute winner with consumers, so we feel confident that the Beef and Caramelised Onion will also be a favourite!

Our second new product is the Harissa Vegetable and Hommus on dark rye, this product is absolutely delicious.  A great offer for those looking for a vegetarian or vegan solution in the market. The harissa spice brings this product to life, unique in flavour, we know that it will be a hit with the consumer!

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