22 Jan 2020

New Pocket Wraps hit the market this month- what a way to start the year!

Love wraps! So do I!

You will also love the all new Pocket Wraps hitting the market this month.  They are mouth-wateringly (not sure this is even a word) good!

The NPD team and Chef are so excited by the flavours that have produced in these products.  There are three amazing flavours: Fajita Beef & Guacamole, All Day Breakfast and Tandoori Chicken that will hit every eating occasion.  These flavours are hand folded in a Lebanese bread and are best served lightly toasted in a panini press. YUM!

These products will suit any business with a  sit down or grab and go offer, your customers will love the flavours.

For more information give us a call today 1300 722 748