With tobacco sales down and fuel prices up, it’s imperative for petrol and convenience stores to grow their foodservice offer and profits. What’s the best way to do this? Display cabinets. Choose the right approach, and it can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s dive into the details.

How do display cabinets boost sales?

Display cabinets aren’t just for storage – they’re a strategic asset. Customers are visually drawn to their food options. An enticing display can engage customers, prompting them to buy.

What product mix should I include in my display cabinets?

The Australian Association of Convenience Stores’ 2023 half-yearly report outlines a 13.6% rise in the foodservice category. Hot savouries also saw an 18.9% growth, maintaining its position as the top value segment. Given these numbers, featuring ready to eat foods is a smart move. Aim for a diverse range, from hot favourites like pies, sausage rolls, and toasties, to healthier, grab and go options such as fruit, sandwiches, and wraps.

How can I maximise my display cabinet’s potential?

Place your display cabinets in high-visibility areas near frequently purchased items. Display your products on cost-effective, easily sourced wooden boards. Remove pre-packaged rolls or toasties from the original packaging, wrap them in baking paper and display them at the front of your cabinet to achieve a freshly made look. Ask your supplier for POS materials to display on top or near the cabinet.

What styles of display cabinets are available?

A wide variety of display cabinets are available, ranging in size, style, and functionality. For ready-to-go food items, consider temperature-controlled units that refrigerate or heat perishable items. Options include upright displays, countertop units, and under-counter models. If space is an issue, your drink fridge can also store refrigerated food products.

Engage your suppliers for guidance

Suppliers are a wealth of knowledge and eager to assist. The Handmade Food Co works closely with many equipment suppliers, including display fridges, hot hold cabinets, ovens, and more. We can guide you to the right supplier and even help organise a discount.

Next steps

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