In the highly competitive world of convenience and impulse retailing, minimising product waste is environmentally responsible and crucial for maximizing profitability. Using the right strategies, savvy leaders can optimise product turnover, improve customer satisfaction, and unlock a new level of operational efficiency.

Let’s explore the top strategies to proactively manage product choices and increase your bottom line.

1. Use ‘first-in first-out’ principles

Stocking your cabinets properly ensures older products are sold before newer ones. The first-in first-out method involves moving older items to the front as you restock. Regularly check expiration dates and organise products accordingly to prevent items from going unnoticed and expiring.

2. Position products strategically

Position high-demand items at eye level and in easily accessible locations. Use signage to draw attention to specific products, encouraging customers to make purchases and minimising the chances of products being overlooked.

3. Know your numbers

Cabinet spoilage rates typically range between seven and 40 per cent. Best practice falls between seven and ten per cent. Lower rates lead to empty cabinets that deter consumer purchases. Higher rates lead to unsold products, spoilage, and lower profits.

4. Consider ‘frozen-to-chilled’ alternatives

Sandwiches are a popular grab-and-go choice but don’t stay fresh for long. Frozen-to-chilled sandwiches are a versatile alternative including wraps, toasties, turkish, and ciabatta breads. Frozen-to-chilled sandwiches are transported and stored frozen, served fresh, and are an excellent backup product for weekends and public holidays. Products are thawed as needed (less waste) and guarantee a consistent supply of attractive and tasty products your customers will love. Toasted products can be warmed in many ways – from sandwich presses to pie warmers and hot holds.

Next steps

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