Food distributors source food from various manufacturers and sell onto their network of customers serving food to everyday consumers. Often, food manufacturing companies and primary producers do not have the resources to sell and transport their products to potential customers. These food manufacturing companies like The Handmade Food Co continue to focus their efforts on producing high quality products and sell their products to a food distributor. The food distributor can then consolidate all the various products into one order for the customer to deliver around the country.

Types Of Food Distributors In Australia

Even within the food distributor’s network, there are different companies that specialise in certain types of food. From fresh produce, to meat, to ready-to-eat and even non-food products that are often required to package and serve food to customers. More often than not, food distributors need to have refrigeration or freezer capabilities in their warehouses and delivery trucks to ensure national food safety standards are met at every stage of the distribution channel

Food Distributors Offer Value To All Kinds Of Businesses

Contrary to popular belief, food distributors work with all kinds of companies beyond large, food and beverages corporations. There are plenty of small retail stores that want to offer fresh convenience food to their customer base but are unable to produce food themselves due to a lack of resources and know-how. Individual restaurants and cafés who are keen to offer variety on their menus may find it unprofitable to produce certain range or food types in their own kitchens. For these businesses, turning to a food distributor they trust and who are able to supply the right foods that complement their current offerings makes more sense as well as cents.

Get Quality Wholesale Food From Us

If you are looking to sell sandwiches (of any kind) but wish to outsource the supply, consider getting in touch with The Handmade Food Co! As proud supporters of Australian producers and suppliers, we can produce pre-packaged sandwiches that not only looks but also tastes delicious for your customers. We service nationally via our large distribution network and work tirelessly to ensure that your customers purchase a high quality, fresh sandwich every time they eat our Everyday Café products. Contact us at 1300 722 748 or write to us to learn more about our business today.